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Embracing our History

We are dedicated to celebrating York County's crucial role in the American Revolution. As we approach the sestercentennial in 2026, we aim to foster global connections to the historical significance, landmarks, ideas, and critical events that highlight York County's importance during this pivotal time. We plan to commemorate the 250th anniversary of our nation’s fight for freedom in the state where the Revolution was won. As the site of some of the Patriots’ most pivotal victories, South Carolina has a rich Revolutionary history full of significant people, major landmarks, exciting events, and unforgettable stories you haven’t heard yet.

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York County's Contribution to the American Revolutionary War

A live reenactment of a war with a wooden building in the backgroundYork County is filled with a rich history from the American Revolution. 

Historic Brattonsville, an 800-acre living history farm, will transport you back to life in the late 1700s and 1800s. It is also home to the site of the “Battle of Huck’s Defeat.” This battle took place on July 12th, 1780. British forces had taken over the Bratton family farm, holding Colonel William Bratton’s family hostage.

A slave named Watt was able to leave the farm and warn Colonel Bratton about the British forces. On the morning of July 12th, Colonel Bratton surprised Captain Christian Huck and defeated the British troops. This Battle was referred to as “the shot in the arm” the patriots needed to continue their efforts. 

Kings Mountain National Military Park is a must for American Revolutionary History buffs. The Battle of Kings Mountain in October of 1780 was considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War. Visitors can explore the National Military Park’s Visitors Center and walk the 1.5 paved battlefield trail.


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SC 250

About SC 250

Chartered by the SC General Assembly in 2018 … “which shall have the authority and responsibility to plan and execute, insofar as authorized and funded by the General Assembly, a proper observance of the Sestercentennial of the American Revolution in South Carolina, and in cooperation with the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust; a national organization, if any; and other similar commemorative organizations in other states. This proper observance of the Sestercentennial must include the role of persons of African-American descent in the Revolutionary War.

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