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PuckerButt Pepper Company

PuckerButt Pepper Company is home to the World's Hottest Pepper, Pepper X. Chef Smokin' Ed Currie is the mad scientist behind the creation, having worked on it for over a decade. Registering at 2.69 million heat units, Pepper X is over a million times hotter than Ed's other creation, the Carolina Reaper. 

The Guinness Book of World Records dubbed Pepper X as the hottest pepper in the world, as the curves and ridges along Pepper X allows for more surface area for the spice to soak in when compared to other peppers. 

To create Pepper X, Currie crossbred the Carolina Reaper with an unnamed pepper from Michigan. 

Pepper X pods and seeds will not be sold, but will be incorporated into hot sauces that can be bought from PuckerButt Pepper Company. 

In the media:  

Currie's hot sauce "The Last Dab" even became well known when it was featured on the YouTube show "Hot Ones."

The Carolina Reaper and PuckerButt Pepper Company are also featured on a new Netflix Show “We are the Champions."