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PuckerButt Pepper Company


PuckerButt Pepper Company is home to the World's Hottest Pepper, The Carolina Reaper. Chef Smokin' Ed Currie is the mad scientist behind the creation, creating around 500,000 Reaper plants each year. 

The Guinness Book of World Records dubbed the Carolina Reaper the hottest chili in the world, and it has yet to beat. Out of the Reaper, Currie creates several hot sauces that you can try and purchase at his Downtown Fort Mill Storefront. 

Currie crossbreeds his pepper plants by taking the pollen of one plant with a paintbrush and then delivering that pollen to a different plant. To create the Carolina Reaper, he took a pepper from Pakistan and combined it with one from St. Vincent.

In the media:  

Currie's hot sauce "The Last Dab" even became well known when it was featured on the YouTube show "Hot Ones."

The Carolina Reaper and PuckerButt Pepper Company are also featured on a new Netflix Show “We are the Champions."