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York County, SC, is strategically located in the center of the East Coast. It is part of a region that collectively consists of about 2.3 million people living in sixteen counties in two different states: 12 counties in North Carolina and four in South Carolina.

History Of York County

York County, SC, located between the Broad and Catawba Rivers in the South Carolina Piedmont, was the home of several Native American tribes, particularly the Catawba Indians, before European settlement began in the 1750s.

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Relocation Information

As a new Rock Hill resident you may have some questions about the county you now live in. Our relocation information will help you find everything you need to make your house feel like home.

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The Region

York County, SC, capitalizes on its geography offering the advantages of a South Carolina location with adjacent access to the largest metropolitan area in the two Carolinas – Charlotte.

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