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The Region

York County capitalizes on its geography offering the advantages of a South Carolina location with adjacent access to the largest metropolitan area in the two Carolinas – Charlotte.

It is also about an hour’s drive from the South Carolina State Capitol – Columbia. Strategically located in the center of the East Coast, York County is part of a region that collectively consists of about 2.3 million people living in sixteen counties in two different states: 12 counties in North Carolina and four in South Carolina.

Regional Tourism

From a regional tourism standpoint, York County is part of the Olde English District, one of 11 tourism regions in the state. The Olde English District refers to the region’s early settlement by the English in the mid1770s and to the Revolutionary War battles fought here, including Kings Mountain and Huck’s Defeat.


Accessibility is key and York County boasts many transportation advantages. I-77 runs through the eastern portion of York County and I-85 runs near the northwestern part of the county joined together by an excellent highway network. The Charlotte/Douglas International Airport is less than 30 minutes away, and it services major carriers and regional airlines that offer daily flights to nearly 150 domestic and international cities.