For the 21st year, the United State Disc Golf Championship will be help at Winthrop Lake in Rock Hill from October 2nd through the 5th. If you're not entrenched with the disc golf community, this is the like the Masters of the disc golf world. In the past decade the sport has taken on extreme popularity with thousands of people in attendance for the USDGC. Rock Hill is also home to the East Coast Warehouse for Innova Discs, which you can tour on Friday's for free! Buy your tickets to the USDGC here. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming USDGC:

Quick USDGC Facts: 

The best disc golfers from across the world descend on Rock Hill, playing in the sports most prestigious event. Play will take place 9 am to final putt everyday. Moving day Friday and Championship Saturday  are the two best days to watch. Paul McBeth the two-time champion is going for his third consecutive win this year. The competition will be fierce and worth watching. You have to buy a pass to watch, an all-day pass is only $10. 

Best Places to Watch the Action:

Hole 1 (road by the shack)

  • near the main hub of the event can eat, hangout, sit down, shop, immerse yourself in disc golf culture
  • live stream in the shack

, Hole 5 (road by the lake) 

  • watch the big par 5 and players test the water again and again. One of the most beautiful holes on the planet. 

Hole 17 (by the lake)

  • the most dramatic hole on the course, more tournaments are won or lost on this hole than any other
  • plays down at the lake, can rest your legs on the hillside and watch the drama unfold. 

 Hole 7 (near bamboo wall) 

Gateway to the USDGC: 

  • Here you can watch 7, 8 and 16 all from one spot, and easily can walk up the hill to the shack. 

"The Shack": 

In the heart of the course you'll find the shack. There will be food and local craft beer available for purchase. This year you can also sit back and watch the entire tournament on a giant live screen. There will also be some putting set up for you to try and learn more about the game of disc golf.