Are you looking for a fun family outing where you can pluck your own ripe strawberries straight from the vine? Look no further than York County, South Carolina! Discover the top York County farms where you can enjoy the experience of U-pick strawberries this season.



Starting Saturday, April 6th 

Closed on Sundays

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • $3.75/lb
  • Buckets will be provided

📍 1650 Filbert Hwy York, SC 29745


Cherry Place Farm

Starting April 20th

Thursday - Saturday from 10 AM - 6 PM, and Sundays depending on availability

  • $12/basket

  • $20/bucket

📍 1950 Oakdale Road Rock Hill, SC 29730

Other notes: 

  • Please check social media after that for future you-pick dates. Dates & Hours change depending on weather and availability. 
  • Accept cash & card on your pick days. No dogs allowed. No reservations are required. Welcome to visit with the farm animals while here to pick. 
  • Pre-picked berries are available to stand on the roadside honor system. Check social media for updates on availability. 
  • Pre-Pick Pricing: $22 gallon, $13 half gallon 
  • The roadside stand is Cash only and runs off the honor system. If there are berries on the stand, the stand is "open." 


Blacks Peaches

Starting April 17th - Call for hours 803-684-2333

  • $14/gallon

  • $16/gallon pre-picked

📍 1800 Black Highway York, South Carolina


Springs Farm

Starting April 17th

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. After spring break, they will adjust to Thursday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday, 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

  • $4.25/lb

📍 1010 Springfield Pkwy, Fort Mill, SC 29715


Five Tips for Picking the Perfect Strawberry:

Picking the perfect strawberry involves using your senses to assess its ripeness and quality. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you select the best strawberries:

  1. Appearance: Look for bright red strawberries. Avoid ones with white or green patches, as they indicate underripeness. The surface should be shiny and free from blemishes or mold.

  2. Size and Shape: While there's no definitive rule for size, choose medium to large strawberries. Avoid ones that are overly small or misshapen.

  3. Texture: The skin should be firm but not hard. Gently squeeze the strawberry to feel its firmness. Avoid soft or mushy strawberries, as they may be overripe or starting to spoil.

  4. Fragrance: A ripe strawberry should have a sweet, fragrant aroma. Bring the strawberry close to your nose and smell it. If it smells lovely and fruity, it's likely ripe.

  5. Stem and Cap: Check the stem and cap of the strawberry. The stem should be green and fresh-looking, not wilted or dried out. The cap (the green leafy part) should be vibrant green and intact, without any signs of wilting or browning.


U-Pick Farm Etiquette

When participating in u-pick fruit activities at a farm, it's essential to follow proper etiquette to ensure a positive experience for yourself and others and maintain the integrity of the farm's operations. Here are some tips for u-pick fruit farm etiquette:

  1. Follow the Farm's Rules: Each farm may have specific guidelines for u-pick activities. Be sure to read and adhere to any posted signs or instructions the staff provides.

  2. Respect the Crop: Only pick ripe fruit that is ready for harvest. Handle fruit carefully to avoid damaging or wasting it.

  3. Use Provided Containers: Many farms will provide containers for collecting fruit. Use these containers rather than bringing your own to ensure accurate measurement and pricing.

  4. Pay Attention to Farm Staff: Follow any instructions farm staff members give. They may direct you to specific areas to pick or guide you toward the best fruits.

  5. Be Mindful of Other Pickers: If the farm is crowded, be considerate of other pickers. Avoid blocking pathways or reaching over others to pick fruit.

  6. Supervise Children: If you're picking fruit with children, supervise them to ensure they follow the rules and handle the fruit gently.

  7. Respect the Environment: Avoid trampling plants or damaging branches while picking fruit. Stay on designated paths and be mindful of the farm's surroundings.

  8. Pay for What You Pick: Most U-pick farms operate pay-per-pound. Before leaving the farm, weigh and pay for the fruit you've picked.

  9. Leave No Trace: Clean up any litter or debris left behind and dispose of it properly. Leave the farm in the same condition you found it.

  10. Express Gratitude: Thank the farm staff for their assistance and the opportunity to pick fresh fruit. A little gratitude goes a long way in fostering positive relationships with local farmers.

Remember, every farm has its own set of rules, and by following their guides, you can ensure a pleasant u-pick fruit experience for yourself, fellow selectors, and the farm owners.