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Learn about the Catawba People

The Catawbas are a Native American tribe primarily located in the southeastern United States, specifically here in South Carolina. They have a remarkably rich history that spans at least 6000 years, showcasing their deep roots in the region. The tribe calls their people yeh is-WAH h’reh, meaning…

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Walk in the footsteps of the Friendship 9

In January of 1961, Rock Hill was about to be placed on the national stage for the Civil Rights Movement. For the past year, students at Friendship College in Rock Hill were training for a peaceful sit-in to protest segregation under the leadership of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) field…

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Explore Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC

Join us in exploring the planned community Baxter Village, located just off I-77 in Fort Mill! This area is home to incredible locally-owned restaurants, shopping, and a unique trail system for hikers and mountain bikers. It's also the original site of Billy Graham's Grandfather's homesite. Eat &…

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Get to know the Anne Springs Close Greenway

Nestled into the Town of Fort Mill is a 2,100 acre nature preserve donated by the Anne Springs Close family. The land was dedicated to public to forever remain as it is, while the area around it booms with housing and business development. The nature preserve offers countless activities, but is most…

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