You already know that York County has a thriving arts scene, but did you know that there are over 15 murals just waiting to be the backdrop of your next Instagram pic? We've organized them by location to make them easier to find! Check them out below:


Fort Mill:


Crossings on Main 

crossings mural
Credit: Caroline Simas, mural artist

crossings mural
Credit: Crossing on Main

This "Love Where You Live" interactive mural is located on the side of the Crossings on Main shop off of Main Street Fort Mill. We love this mural because there are so many ways to take pictures with it!

📍: 102 Academy St, Fort Mill


Spring Maid in Kingsley

springs mural
Credit: Kingsley Town Center

springs mural
Credit: Kingsley Town Center

The Spring Maid Fabrics mural can be found on the Brixx Wood Fired Pizza building in Kingsley! The mural is an ode to Springs Industries- a Fort Mill cotton textile company that became one of the leading textile manufacturers in South Carolina during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The history of Springs includes ownership being passed down from multiple generations, labor protests, and the multi-million dollar valuation of this company. You can read more about the interesting history of this company here.

📍: Brixx Pizza, 1343 Broadcloth St, Fort Mill
📍: Across from the Courtyard by Marriott, 251 Textile Way, Fort Mill


Rock Hill:


Shepard Fairey Mural

Shepard Fairey Mural

The Rock Hill mural is on White Street in Old Town as part of the city’s Mural Mile initiative. 

Here’s what to look for when you see the mural:

SEWING: “It’s got some references to Rock Hill’s industrial history. It’s got a reference to the textile industry with a sewing machine and it says ‘Eyes Open, Mind Open, Sew Forth And Create (you know, ‘Go forth and create’).”

FREEDOM RIDERS: “There’s a train and it says ‘Freedom Rides into the future, which is a subtle nod to the history with the Freedom Riders but also just the idea of creating a better future.”

COCA-COLA: “There’s a portrait of a woman’s profile sort of looking into the distance meditatively. There’s a peace dove, there’s a floral pattern, there’s a subversive twist on the Coca-Cola logo (because of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Rock Hill).

RISE ABOVE’: “I love Andy Warhol, so the sort of pop art components that also deal with the history but there’s also some text that says ‘Rise Above.’ I think that a lot of our politics and social conversations have gotten really petty and I’d like people to think a little bit more about the big picture, human dignity, and things that we should be unified about,” Fairey said.

📍: 153 E White St, Rock Hill


Freedom Walkway

freedom walkway
Credit: Mike Baker

Found in Old Town Rock Hill, Freedom Walkway is an alleyway that represents and celebrates local heroes in Rock Hill's history who fought for equality and justice. 

📍: 139 E Main St, Rock Hill



Dreamer Mural

Located on the southeast side of The Overhead Station Gift Shop. The artist wanted this piece to act as a reminder that children should always be encouraged to create. "A child’s dreams are fabricated through an imagination that feeds off creativity and it can all start with a crayon." - Darion Flemming

📍: 212 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29730


Kounter Mural 

New Mural

Created by Eric Woodall 

📍: Behind 135 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29730


Alleyway Murals off Main St. 

Alley mural 3

Alley mural 2

Alley mural 1

The artist's message was all about how time will tell. No matter what happens in life, the sun will always rise, but we must be advocates to help move life forward.

📍: Behind 157 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29730


Arts Council of York County

arts council mural

While you're in Old Town Rock Hill admiring Freedom Walkway, take a stroll down the block to the Arts Council of York County! The back of this building has an Art Deco mural with pops of neon colors to brighten up your day.

📍: 121 E Main St, Rock Hill


Drink Local

dust off mural
Credit: Dust Off Brewing

dust off mural
Credit: Dust Off Brewing

If you're out making progress on the YoCo Brew Trail, stop by Rock Hill's Dust Off Brewing and check out their "Drink Local" mural located in their back alleyway patio. 

📍: 130 W White St, Rock Hill


Warehouses on White

Old Town Mural
Credit: Only in Old Town

One of the newest murals to come to York County is at the Warehouses on White's Dust Off Brewing- the brewery's second mural! Located on the side of the building, there is a massive mural, painted by Osiris Rain, filled with faces and bright colors with "ROCK HILL" spelled across it.

📍: 130 W White St, Rock Hill


No Room For Racism 

No Room for Racism credit RH drone guy
Credit: The Rock Hill Drone Guy

While you're at the Warehouses, be sure to check out the street mural directly out front. The last nine letters depict the faces of the Friendship 9 - you can learn more about them here: Due to the location of this mural, please be sure to use caution when viewing.


Rock Hill For All 

Rock Hill For All Complete

Credit: The Rock Hill Drone Guy

Inspired by the "All American City" theme, Arts Council of York County and the Community Relations Council of Rock Hill teamed up to commission this powerful mural created by Rock Hill-based artists.

Each letter of the mural is said to represent what each artist feels Rock Hill stands for. The mural in its entirety represents not only what Rock Hill is today, but what it aspires to be in the future.


Las Americas Supermarket

Las Americas Mural
Credit: Las Americas Supermarket

This Rock Hill Supermarket is primarily known for their authentic 50 cent Taco Tuesday tacos, but now you can enjoy some art with your meal! Artist Alex DeLarge has painted a series of popular Mexican icons on the walls, such as Frida Kahlo and El Chavo. Five are up so far, with more to come- stay tuned!

📍: 1906 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill


Vernon Grant Mural

Vernon Grant Memorial

Rock Hill’s “Mural Mile” continues to grow with the addition of a new mural that celebrates the life of the City’s beloved artist, Vernon Grant. The mural was designed by Jill Pratzon, a renowned art restorer and illustrator from New York City, and is inspired by Grant’s most popular characters and illustrations. Osiris Rain, an international muralist, and post-contemporary figurative was chosen to paint the mural in Jill’s place. The Vernon Grant mural will be the second Old Town Rock Hill mural completed by Rain, the first of which is located at the Warehouses on White Street.

📍: 138 E. Black Street, Rock Hill




Solutions Salon

angel wings mural

Credit: Kelsey Lane Nethken, mural artist

The back of Solutions Salon in downtown York just got a recent makeover with the addition of this angel wings mural! The meaning behind this mural is to honor the salon owner's mother.

📍: 19 N Congress St, York 


York Lumber Co.

york lumber co mural
Credit: Yorkville Historical Society

york lumber co mural
Credit: Domenic Manera

In what is now occupied today by York Lumber Company in York, once was where the circus was housed during the winter quarters!! It may look ordinary during the day, but at night it becomes illuminated, giving it a whole new look.

📍: 13 E Jefferson St, York




The Train in Clover

Train Mural

Before Clover was the Town of Clover, it was just a railroad stop. If you stop off of Main Street in downtown Clover, you'll spot this gem that pays homage to the town's history!

📍: 105 N Main St, Clover


Boyd Tire & Appliance

Boyd Tire Mural

While you're in Clover, stop by the Boyd Tire & Appliance store and check out the huge mural that takes up the entire side of the building. Featuring tall trees, plants, and bright red and yellow balloons, this mural is definitely one of the most unique ones on this list!

📍: 110 S Main St, Clover


Clover Area Assistance Center

Mural with fresh fruits and vegetables with "keep it local feed the need in our community" written

This stunning mural is brand new and located on the side of Clover Area Assistance Center. It was designed and painted by local father-son duo Imre and Atilla Nagy.

📍: 1130 State Hwy 55 E. Clover, SC 29710


Lake Wylie:


Map of Lake Wylie

lake wylie mural
Credit: Facebook Page

This map of Lake Wylie mural has a "Where's Waldo?" vibe to it with the bright colors and with so much going on! Located on the side of Archer Automotive in Lake Wylie, this mural was done by Imre Nagy and his 11-year-old son- so much talent!

📍: 5774 Charlotte Hwy, Clover

There are even more murals to come in the near future to York County. As part of Old Town's Mural Mile, artist Shepard Fairey will be completing a mural on the side of the old Bike Town building in downtown Rock Hill.