Tori Gurley attended Rock Hill High School and later on became a member of the NFL, signing for multiple teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, and the CFL during his career.


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  1. Do you have a special “guilty pleasure” spot in York County?
    I love Sweet Frog, I pile up a huge cup of vanilla yogurt with hot fudge, nuts, cherries and sprinkles! I always manage to get there before they close for the night.

  2. What’s the best York County outside activity?
    I love watching the young athletes compete in sports. It’s refreshing to see kids and parents work together to win championships.

  3. What is your favorite restaurant in York County?
    Chicken Shak is my favorite!

  4. What do you always order when you go there?
    I like to order the honey hot wings with a side order of fries.

  5. Do you have a favorite ride at Carowinds?
    Top Gun!

  6. What has changed most about York County since you lived here?
    I can’t believe District 3 Stadium is turf, that’s big time! As well as the new sports complex (Rock Hill Sports and Events Center). Our youth sports programs have better facilities than some colleges across the country.

  7. What would you like to see come to York County next?
    I would like to add a train that travels from Rock Hill to Charlotte. That way I won't have to sit in traffic during rush hour!

  8. Who was your rival high school?
    I went to Rock Hill High, so Northwestern was our crosstown rival in football. They beat us for the City Championship back in 2004, but we beat them 2 weeks later for the Upper State title, and went on to win the State Championship! Looks like we had the last laugh. Go BEARCATS!!!

  9. What do you think of the Panthers coming to Rock Hill?
    The thought of the Panthers moving to Rock Hill is so exciting as this will create more exposure and opportunities for people to network with the NFL.

  10. A trip back home to York County isn’t complete without…
    It’s important for me to surprise my teachers and coaches during class sessions. If it wasn’t for my teachers and my mother, Tonja Childers, I never would have made it to the NFL. So, I proudly appear to be an example for the youth. If you listen, work hard, and stay out of trouble, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to!


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