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Planning Tips & Ideas

Stressed is an understatement. There are so many things to remember, so many people to think about, and way too little time. But, rest assured, York County and can deliver you everything you need... and more. Here's seven planning tips and ideas to help make your planning process that much easier.

#1: Purchase a Wedding Planner Book

For most people, being able to visualize your ideas are key. Trying to remember every detail is nearly impossible. That's why having something to write down all every aspect of the wedding is key. Wedding Planner Books can be relatively cheap and allow you to put your imagination in writing. You can keep track of invite list and addresses, aesthetic ideas, venue details, service options, bridal party details, and so much more. If you rely on your memory, you're bound to forget a detail. Keep track of it all with a Wedding Planner Book!

#2: Create Pros and Cons Lists

Whether it's your venue, flowers, caterer, or, really, anything else, you're going to have options. From cheap to expensive, boujee to simple, the combinations are endless. If we're being honest, it'll be hard to choose. The best way to decide is sit down and write all every pro and con aspect of all your options. Once you have every part right in front of you, it will make the decision process a lot easier. More often than not, you will have two or three options that are really close and it will be hard to decide on. Look through every good and bad detail of your options and it will make the process a lot more stress free.

#3: Don't Procrastinate

It's a lot, we get it. But the more time you wait, the more stress you create. Get things done as soon as you have time. The longer you wait, the more likely you venue may get booked, the caterer may be busy, the florist won't be available, the photographer won't have an opening. The more days that go by, the more you will have on your plate. Get things done now and feel more relief the closer you get to the big day. So, finish reading this blog and then get on it!

#4: Create a Pinterest Board

Everybody has a 'vibe' they go for when it comes to their wedding. From colorful with a 'pop' to dark and moody to rustic feeling, it may be difficult for you to describe and put into words what you want. The best way to put your vision to fruition is through a visual representation. Creating a Pinterest Board not only helps you but also those around you. It'll help your florist get an idea of what flowers you want. It will help the photographer know what kind of shots you want. It will help you decide the color bridemaid dresses, the color of the table cloths, and everything else in between. Trust us, it will help you in the long run!

#5: Don't Settle

Budgets are challenging. If you're like most people, you've probably already thought once or twice, "this whole process would be so much easier if I just won the lottery". Even though money may be tight and things may be hard to plan, the best way to plan your big day is through not settling. This is your only big day. Don't take it for granted. You want it to be perfect; so make it perfect! Don't look back ten years from now, regretting the decisions you made. Trust us, it will be worth it!

#6: Split the Planning

The most common stereotype for weddings is the bride does all the planning. Whether you're too scared to ask for help or too stubborn to give up responsibility, the best way to make things run is by delegating tasks. Allow your parents, friends, and fiancè to play in part in the process. Not only will stress be lifted off your shoulders but the process will also go by quicker. Be firm and specific when describing what you want and don't allow them to take control (unless it's your fiancè). This is YOUR day, not theirs. Don't let everything fall on one pair of shoulders.

#7: Step Back, Relax, & Breathe

 This is the most important piece of advice. Giving yourself time to process and calm down is the most beneficial thing you can do. Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed, we make irrational decisions. Not just in your planning process but also to others. Don't take your stress out on those who care for you. Just take a step back, relax your nerves, and breathe. It will all work out, we promise.

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