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Shepard Fairey Mural

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  • 153 E. White Street , Rock Hill, SC 29730
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    The Rock Hill mural is on White Street in Old Town as part of the city’s Mural Mile initiative. Here’s what to look for when you see the mural: SEWING: “It’s got some references to Rock Hill’s industrial history. It’s got a reference to the textile industry with a sewing machine and it says ‘Eyes Open, Mind Open, Sew Forth And Create (you know, ‘Go forth and create’).” FREEDOM RIDERS: “There’s a train and it says ‘Freedom Rides into the future, which is a subtle nod to the history with the Freedom Riders but also just the idea of creating a better future.” COCA-COLA: “There’s a portrait of a woman’s profile sort of looking into the distance meditatively. There’s a peace dove, there’s a floral pattern, there’s a subversive twist on the Coca-Cola logo (because of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Rock Hill). RISE ABOVE’: “I love Andy Warhol, so the sort of pop art components that also deal with the history but there’s also some text that says ‘Rise Above.’ I think that a lot of our politics and social conversations have gotten really petty and I’d like people to think a little bit more about the big picture, human dignity, and things that we should be unified about,” Fairey said.

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