Nestled inside 2,100 acres of preserved land in Fort Mill, sits a rustic cabin full of charm. The Graham Cabin, as it is known, was moved to The Anne Springs Close Greenway in 1999 and restored. It originally sat just two miles away in what is now Baxter.

The cabin is more than 200 years old and an early 1800’s census shows that Billy Graham’s grandfather, Archibald Graham, was born in this cabin and possibly lived there for a time. The cabin is now lovingly referred to as “The Graham Cabin” and is easily accessible on the Greenway.

Of course one of Archibald and Elizabeth’s grandchild, Billy Graham, would go on to be a renowned evangelist. Reverend Graham was well known for his preaching and televised revivals.

Just a short hike from the main entrance past the Dairy Barn and you can see the cabin and walk around it. The cabin is featured in several Greenway Events like Fiddle-N-Pig, where you can hear late night music off the front porch.

Billy Graham died in 2018 at the age of 99. The Billy Graham Library, where he is buried, is also just a short drive from York County in Charlotte.

Research provided by Anne Springs Close Greenway