Jonathan Meeks is a Rock Hill High School class of 2008 graduate who attended Clemson University as a member of the class of 2013. Upon graduation, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.


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  1. What is your favorite ride at Carowinds?
    Fury 325! I used to love Thunder Road, but they took it down, so Fury is my favorite now. I love it because the initial drop is the highest and fastest in the world!

  2. What is your favorite restaurant in York County?
    Definitely Captain Steve's- I love seafood and this restaurant has always been a staple and has so many family memories.

  3. What do you always order when you go there?
    I sometimes switch it up, but I usually get the "create a platter" with 3 different items- shrimp, fish, and more shrimp!

  4. Do you have a favorite “guilty pleasure” place you stop at when you visit York County?
    I don’t really have a particular guilty pleasure spot. I really like gummy worms, so basically any convenience store is my go-to.

  5. What’s your favorite outdoor activity in York County?
    Walking Riverwalk or running around Cherry Park! They’re great places for a pretty view and it’s really peaceful. I like that Riverwalk is “true to the area” with a country feel to it.

  6. What do you think of the Panthers Headquarters coming to Rock Hill?
    I'm looking forward to it- especially seeing the growth it will bring to the community, like opportunities it can bring for me and other athletes. I'm also excited to have a team in this city. I truly see it as a huge blessing, not a burden.

  7. What has changed most about York County since you lived here?
    I think the structure has changed a lot, particularly the growth and development that has come here with new businesses and opportunities, such as the Panthers.

  8. What would you like to see come to York County next?
    I think Rock Hill actually has all that it needs for right now and is at an awesome place as far as population and development goals, especially with what's already in the process like the Panthers and Miracle Park. We’re a very dynamic city and I feel like we have everything we need right now.

  9. Who was your rival high school?
    Northwestern. [Rock Hill High Graduate] Go Bearcats! Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat!

  10.  A trip back home to York County isn’t complete without…
    There's really cool things to do here no matter what time of the year, so I would say a trip to Carowinds is fun year-round. Seasonally, going on a walk at one of the parks during the spring, getting ice cream at PW's during the summer, going to a high school football game during the fall, and the ice rink during the winter!


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