Have you walked into your local York County brewery trying to figure out what to have and you ask, ”Do you have something that tastes like?” Don’t fear because our breweries along the YoCo Brew Trail are whipping up a huge variety of beers to satisfy any palate! From Lagers to Hazy IPAs and from Stouts to Sours (and even a seltzer or two) keep an eye out for these local offerings when you find yourself along the trail. And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with the beer servers at each place. They will no doubt help you find what works for you!


If you like Lagers...

For those preferring the lighter, crisper side, you’re in luck! Craft lagers are growing more and more in popularity and easier than ever to find.

Try the following:

Amor Artis – Fort Milsner – 5.4% German Style Pilsner

Rock Hill – Southern Cerveza – 4.5% Pale Mexican Style Lager

Slow Play – Mow Your Lawn Later – 5% American Lager

Model A Brewing - Mab Kolsch - 4.8% Kolsch

Legal Remedy Brewing - 


If you prefer Ciders...

While it’s awesome to have come local and national options for cider, York County has its own gem of a cidery in York!  With bottles available all around the area and their farm open during the fall, you can find some great options at Windy Hill Cider

Some of our favorites:

Hoppin’ Johnny – 6% Dry-hopped cider

Rusty Gold – 6% Spiced Cider

Gala Peach – 6% Traditional Sweet Cider


Like a good Hazy IPA?

If hazy IPA’s are more your thing, then you will have no shortage in finding some big tropical juicy brews in York County

Look for these:

Legal Remedy – Chief Justice Juice – 8.2% Double NE IPA double dry-hopped with Mosaic

Slow Play – Squeeze Play – 6.3% NE IPA with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo

Dust Off – Hazy Day in the Clouds – 6% Hazy IPA


Want fruit flavors in your beers?

If fruit flavors are more your thing, whether it be sours or not, you have more than a few options available to you

My favorites:

Lake Wylie – S’Wheat Summer Blackberry – 4.5% Wheat Ale with Blackberry

Amor Artis – Springs Farm Peach – 6.5% Barrel Aged Sour with local Peaches

Legal Remedy – Sequestered Blueberry – 6.8% Saison with Blueberries


Do you know the power of the dark side?

If Stout season is all year round for you or you just want something with a darker color and toasty flavors, then you won’t have any issue around York County

Look out for:

Dust Off – Combat Coffee – 6.3% Porter with locally roasted coffee

Rock Hill – Das Schwarz – 5.4% German Style dark Lager

Legal Remedy – Motion to Strike – 6.5% Milk Stout or Sticky Situation Cinnamon Bun Stout – 6.5% 

Amor Artis  – Chai Milk Stout –  6.5% or Smoked Pumpkin Porter – 6.4%

Model A Brewing – Cleanest Dirty Shirt – 5.2% English Porter or King of the Cay – 9% Imperial English Stout

Slow Play Brewing – Puppy Foot Porter - 6% Robust Porter

Carolina Brew Supply – Salted Caramel Porter – 5.8%  or Grand Marnier Stout - 9%


I really like this beer from Charlotte - What's Similiar? 

Stopping in just South of the Carolina border huh? No problem at all as these beers will keep you coming back for more on the trail

Try these:

If you like: NoDa Hop Drop N’ Roll, then try Amor Artis – Crusin’ Down the Street in my ’64 – 6.4% West Coast IPA

If you like: OMB Copper, then try Model A – Altbier – 5.7% German Style Alt

If you like: Wooden Robot Good Morning Vietnam, then try Amor Artis's Sospeso Coffee Blonde or Legal Remedy's World Court Mocha Blonde Stout

Just a few options to look out for, but don’t be limited to just these. All the breweries along the trail are making small and seasonal batch releases constantly. So be sure to ask what’s new and get to know all the great breweries and great people along the YoCo Brew Trail!


Just pick up your YoCo Brew Trail Passport at any of the participating breweries for a chance to earn a custom YoCo Brew Trail pint glass!