It's summer, and you know what that means—it's officially hotdog season. Discover York County's top dogs and enjoy every delicious bite with our ultimate local guide, curated by none other than York County's #1 hotdog enthusiast, Nate Mallard

1. Ebenezer Grill

Locals flock to Ebenezer Grill for the friendly atmosphere and great food. Ebenezer offers all-beef hotdogs with homemade chili and slaw; of course, you could go all the way with some mustard, ketchup, chili, onions, and slaw. Their hotdogs are award-winning, boasting the best hot dog for 19 years (Via The Herald). Plus, you can bring a photo of your dog to join those already on their walls!

"This is a self-proclaimed Dive and long-time hot dog institution. Serving some of the best in York county with no frills." - Nate Mallard 

2. Surefire Neighborhood Market

Situated along Ogden Road in Rock Hill, Surefire Neighborhood Market offers a menu that packs a flavorful punch. Their hotdogs promise a culinary adventure, featuring unique twists that diverge from the standard Carolina style. Choose from four distinct options, including a vegan dog for non-meat eaters. 

"New to the game with some killer fresh takes on the classic dog. The Capital is my favorite non-carolina style dog in town" - Nate Mallard

3. Woodlands Grocery and Grille 

Tucked away in the streets of York, this family-run business has been a hidden gem for nearly two decades. While Woodlands is renowned for its fried chicken, their classic hotdog holds its own among their offerings. With an excellent price point, it's a definite standout.

"This unassuming York convenience store has an excellent hotdog at a great price. Family run and tons of other food options." - Nate Mallard

4. Sonny's Dutch Mill 

A York County staple serving the area for over 50 years. Sonny's Dutch Mill offers a menu filled with comfort food that has satisfied generations of customers. Its friendly service and charming, old-school ambiance make it a cherished local landmark and a must-visit spot for anyone seeking a York County staple. 

"A long time favorite serving their "slaw dog" , probably the best hot dog chili in town. House made cherry lemon sundrop makes everything better." - Nate Mallard

5. Passmore's

Another hidden gem, Passmore's, has been serving customers since 1935! This long-standing establishment in Rock Hill boasts a rich history and offers a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and canned goods. The local feel is evident in their food, mainly the two hotdog plates served with chili, onions, and mustard. Passmore's commitment to quality and tradition has made it a beloved spot for generations.

"The people of South York county have kept this family business running for years. Hotdog is fantastic, but the history lessons learned from Jon Micheal are better." - Nate Mallard


Honorable Mentions  

The Dining Car

The Dining Car food truck in Fort Mill, South Carolina, located permanently next to The Print Shop, is a local favorite known for its gourmet street food. Specializing in a diverse menu often featuring creative twists on classic American dishes, Carolina Dog does just that. 

Hot Dog Depot

This beloved eatery in Rock Hill, soon to open a new location in Fort Mill, offers the most variety on this list. From standard Carolina dogs to a Reuben-style hot dog, Hot Dog Depot lets your creativity fly while enjoying a tasty hot dog. Known for its friendly, laid-back atmosphere and commitment to quality ingredients, Hot Dog Depot is a favorite spot for hot dog enthusiasts and anyone seeking a satisfying, flavorful meal. Whether you prefer classic toppings or crazy combinations, this spot has something for everyone.

Can't decide which to try first? View the full list of Hotdog spots in York County here.


About Nate Mallard

Nate Mallard

Mallard, 36, is not a full-time professional food critic. Instead, he's a Realtor with a passion for hot dogs. He often enjoys them in his SUV. With chili sometimes ending up on his hands and beard, he shares his spontaneous food reviews through Facebook videos. Discover every hot dog Nate has devoured along his Hotdog Highway!