Looking to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle without overthinking? There are several places in York County that have great nutrient products which can range from salads, sandwiches, and even juice bars.



Here are some of our favorite healthy options near Rock Hill and Fort Mill:


Clean Eatz

Across from Baxter Village in Fort Mill is the Clean Eatz café restaurant. Their mission is making sure customers are enjoying a meal that provides a healthy lifestyle and helping anyone that has dietary restrictions. One of the popular food menu options is the “Build A Bowl”, in which you are able to choose a base, protein, vegetables, sauce, and spices of your choice.  The restaurant also has a “Makin’ Muscle Corner’ for individuals looking for a meal with high amounts of protein. Other menu items include a “Build A Burger” section, salads, wraps, smoothies, and more.


Clean Juice

In the Kingsley subdivision of Fort Mill is Clean Juice, a unique and well-received juice bar. This place is best known for its well-made juices and smoothies, which are made from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables containing high nutrients and vitamins. There are also a variety of bowls made out of a lot of greens and a kids’ menu option featuring smoothies and juices designed for them to enjoy.


Fresh Vibes

Across the street from Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill, Fresh Vibes is a juice bar that provides customers a drive-thru style-only juice bar. This restaurant has smoothies, drinks, fruit juices, diets for specific individuals, and recipes for anyone looking to make their own juice or smoothies at home. If you are in a hurry but want to start out with a fresh juice or smoothie, be sure to check out Fresh Vibes’ unique drive-thru juice bar!


Juice Bar Fort Mill

The Juice Bar in Fort Mill is well known for a variety of different recipes made to create outstanding juices for customers to enjoy. This restaurant is also known for its “Resets” menu items in which you have the option of picking and mixing your six favorite juices, and soups which include chilis, vegetables, and chicken soups.


Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar

Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar are well known for having real fruit, real vegetables, and really good juices and smoothies. There are over 30 smoothie options, as well as vegan and dairy-free options to serve a variety of individuals’ preferences. Items on the menu include smoothies, premium blends, bowls, shots, juices, wraps, and salads.


Nature’s Table

Nature’s Table in Rock Hill is a mix of new and old healthy menu items with a wide range of fresh items made. In addition, this restaurant uses cups and silverware that are made from renewable resources and partners with a range of community organizations such as Feeding Children Everywhere.