Experiential Tourism — It’s Not Your Usual Sightseeing Tour!

Want the full immersion experience? Take your visit to York County, SC to another level. York County, SC welcomes you to become immersed in our rich history and culture.

Enjoy unique experiences that will engage all five of your senses. From a high-flying adventure over the Catawba River to experiencing life in the Revolutionary Carolina backcountry, or share the stage with the cast and crew of a major production and learn about the traditional dishes, dances and unique heritage of the Catawba Indians.

York County’s Experiential Tours are sure to create unforgettable experiences and stories you’ll share for a lifetime.


Featured Venues & Available Tours

View the Experience York County Booklet online! To learn more about each venue, click on their name in the listing below. To get more information about each tour, simply click on the name of the tour!

Camp Canaan

Up High in Island Adventure
Whether you are a thrill-seeker or tree-hugger, experience an exhilarating Island Adventure with Canaan, located on a 100-acre island in the Catawba River!


Catawba Indian Cultural Center

Traditional Dishes of the Native American
A delight for both your taste buds and mind, learn how to prepare some of the delicious traditional dishes of the Native American.

Take Home Your Very Own Basket Creation
Learn the art of basket making.

Traditional Dinner & Dance with the Catawbas
Experience an authentic Catawba dinner with us! Enjoy a meal of venison stew with white/black bean bread and one of our scratch made cobblers.

Beadwork Classes
Learn from some of our Master beadworkers on how to make different styles from the loom to peyote styles.

Flint Knapping
You will learn how to use rocks and other materials to shape another rock into the image that you desire.

The Living Village Construction
Come out and give us a hand in constructing a traditional village of the Catawba Indians.

Scavenger Hunt
Enjoy a photo scavenger hunt down our old wagon trail that leads to the Catawba River.

Catawba Language and Storytelling
Come learn a little bit of our native language!

Native American Games
Have you ever played stick ball Native style?  Come and learn about this and many more games that the Native Americans played.

Enjoy a Native Lunch
You will have the chance to experience this delicious dish as well as see the beautiful surroundings here at the Catawba Cultural Center.


Historic Brattonsville

Liberty or Death!
In this interactive tour, participants will learn how people from all walks of life were drawn into the Revolutionary War.

A Taste from the Past…
During this interactive workshop, visitors will have the privilege to learn about plantation style cooking.

You Are What You Wear
This interactive program will allow participants to card, spin, and weave wool.


Kings Mountain National Military Park

Ranger for a Day
Try on the hats worn by National Park Service Rangers.

Colonial Day
Try on colonial clothes, make your own game, learn a trade and group dance, and hone your military skills with a musket drill.


Museum of York County

VIP Tour at the Museum of York County
The Curator of Natural History shares the inside story of the museum’s 60 year history via the collections of over 1,500 natural history specimens and more than 200 mounted animals.


NarroWay Productions

Show Box Challenge Spotlight Tour
With this one-of-a-kind experiential tour, you are in the spotlight on the NarroWay stage!

Lights, Sound, Action!
Get a behind-the-scenes taste of what it takes to bring together a live, Broadway-style show at NarroWay including various aspects of theatrical lighting, sound and special effects.

Educational Petting Zoo
Meet the NarroWay animals up close and personal!

“York County has an amazing variety of things to do for my family and myself. Amazing parks and recreation to local dining, York County really has it all!”


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