Magnolia Room – Laurel Creek


Rock Hill’s premier multi-purpose event facility that affords you the opportunity to entertain your guests in just the right atmosphere… whether it’s business or pleasure. Guests are offered plentiful front door parking, over 140 spaces, with a convenient portico leading to a beautiful foyer. The foyer leads to a 4,500 square foot ballroom offering numerous lighting variations and a superior sound system with over 20 speakers in the ballroom alone. From the ballroom, there is a spacious bar that leads to a gorgeous patio wrapping around to the back of the facility.

“I’ve already spoken to my pastor about taking our church group back to Rock Hill this spring for NarroWay’s Easter program... We’ll also go to the Billy Graham Library while we’re there, and we’ll eat in Old Town in Rock Hill. My group will love it.”

Fred Weeks

Connection Christian Tours, Tuscumbia, Alabama