Curtin Farms is a family owned and operated farm. Doc Curtin purchased the farm’s original 55 acres in 1985. Curtin Farms has been raising beef cattle since that time and over the years has added many more animals including chickens, pigs, ducks, horses, turkeys, peacocks, goats, and our newest addition, alpacas. The farm, located in the Clover/Lake Wylie area, has now grown to over 200 acres to house all these animals. Curtin Farms also plants and harvests a variety of crops including hay, corn, pumpkins, and many vegetables and fruits used for canning and freezing.

At Curtin Farms, our agri-tourism is focused on educating children, families, and the community about farming and how this proud tradition contributes to our current and future way of life.

Our motto is “Perserving Yesterday, Cultivating Tomorrow."

“I’ve already spoken to my pastor about taking our church group back to Rock Hill this spring for NarroWay’s Easter program... We’ll also go to the Billy Graham Library while we’re there, and we’ll eat in Old Town in Rock Hill. My group will love it.”

Fred Weeks

Connection Christian Tours, Tuscumbia, Alabama