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Mindgames Escape Rooms Rock Hill

  • Address:
  • 1807 Cherry Rd Suite 135 , Rock Hill, SC 29732
  • Phone:
  • (803) 366-6475
  • about

    MindGames Escape Room-Rock Hill is a live-action escape room that immerses you into another world. You will have 60-75 minutes to work together to crack the clues and solve the puzzles to achieve one goal: escaping the room! Join friends, family, or coworkers as you work together and channel your inner detective. Can you escape the room in time? Escape rooms include: Tonys Bistro Notorious Hit Man Rocco Calzone was supposed to get his payoff at Tony’s. When he got there he found an ambush waiting, and the Feds got the best of him. Somebody spilled the beans on Tony and they know the Half Million is still in the restaurant. They’ll be coming back for it soon. Don’t be there when they arrive. Pawnshop Billy thought his luck had changed when he found an expensive laptop in the backseat of a cab. He took it to the local Pawn Shop and was celebrating his believed victory, when the real owner came calling. Seems like there were 2 million dollars in stolen diamonds hidden inside. Now Billy has one hour to get it back…. Or Else! Secrets of the Pharaoh Professor Carter and his team discovered King Tut in 1922. However, Carter left out some details of his discovery. Ever since the artifacts arrived, strange things have been happening. You and your team need to investigate and discover the Secrets of the Pharaoh. Just a forewarning, there is something going on within his office, the last group vanished…