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Knit an Alpaca Scarf

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  • 3336 N York Street, Sharon, SC 29742
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    Meet the Alpacas of Black Walnut Farmstead & Knit a Scarf from their Yarn! ...
    6 Huacaya Alpaca boys of varied colors live at Black Walnut Farmstead. We shear them once a year, and have their fleece made into yarn for crafting items to sell in our Little Country Store here.
    On Saturday March 9th, local knitters are encouraged to come meet the guys, feel some raw alpaca fleece plus processed roving and yarns … and learn to complete a fabulous alpaca scarf led by York County knitting teacher, Daria Carden. The scarf pattern is pretty easy so anyone who can comfortably knit & purl can master it once they learn 4 stitches.
    Excited to get your hands in some alpaca fiber?
    Register now! March 9, 2024, 2-4pm (You're then encouraged to participate in our Creativity Circle for the 3 following Saturdays 12-2pm for follow-up guidance.)
    Limited class size for individualized attention.