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Everything but the Oink

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  • 1444 Brattonsville Road, McConnells, SC 29726
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    Visit us for Living History Saturdays in January! Each Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. we'll be demonstrating and talking about different aspects of meat preservation and butchering. Our food doesn't just come from the store! "Everything but the Oink" begins Jan. 8.
    Jan. 8 - Preparation for Butchering
    We will be sharpening knives, seasoning cast iron, cleaning the sausage grinder, and showing how people sourced materials for butchering (especially salt) and traded for local products.
    Jan. 15 - Meat Processing and Preservation
    Demos include processing half a pig, salting, rendering lard, and making sausage.
    Jan. 22 - Headcheese, Offal, and Soap
    We will be making headcheese, cooking with “offal” (organ meats), soap-making, pickling pigs’ feet and sealing jars with bladders.
    Jan. 29 - Cooking a Southern Staple
    Demonstrations of pork use and dishes in the 18th century Carolina Backcountry, pork use and dishes from a 19th-century plantation kitchen and from the enslaved, and the purpose and various historic methods of smoking pork