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Beginner Beekeeping School

  • Address:
  • 1753 EBENEZER RD, SMYRNA, SC 29743
  • Phone:
  • (704) 993-6833
  • about

    Classes are taught by certified experienced commercial beekeepers
    You will learn about: the history of bees, anatomy of the bee, diseases and pests, hive equipment, byproducts, and so much more.
    Prepares you for SC/NC state certifications if you wish to take it.

    3 day class:
    *Hands on portion - bring your own protective clothing (we have some you can buy if not
    Friday, May 5th 6pm-8pm
    Saturday, May 6th 1pm-6pm
    Sunday, May 7th 1pm-6pm*

    $95 per person Or $175 Per couple

    Discounts on purchasing bees!
    All HS classes free for an entire year!
    Opportunity to volunteer and work bees with us!
    Free beekeeping book!
    Free beekeeping handout book!