Beginner 2 Mountain Bike Clinic

  • Address:
  • 104 Adventure Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29715
  • about

    This program is perfect if you
    🚲completed the Beginner 1 program and want to progress your skills
    🚲have been riding trails for several months
    🚲can ride 1-2 hours at a time with brief rest stops
    🚲can ride an average of 5-6 mph pace on easy terrain
    🚲are comfortable with body position, braking and gearing, but want to get better
    🚲are ready to ride more smoothly and increase speed a little
    🚲want to learn how to corner more efficiently
    This program will include
    🚲bike features and shock setup
    🚲defining body position on the bike for specific situations
    🚲learning “bike/body separation”
    🚲braking and gearing efficiently
    🚲beginning climbing and descending skills
    🚲beginning cornering with sight lines and leaning
    🚲choosing a “line”
    🚲navigating obstacles up to 2-4 inches tall
    Where: Adventure Road Entrance parking lot
    Cost: $56 per person, $6 discount for members.
    Ages: 15 and up. Under 18 must have parent or guardian remain on property during program.