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Beekeeping Hands-On Queen Rearing Class

  • Address:
  • 1753 EBENEZER RD, SMYRNA, SC 29743
  • Phone:
  • (704) 993-6833
  • about

    HoneyStrong is taking our queen grafting class to the next level
    After a classroom presentation, we will enjoy the rest of the class in the hives. We will set up starter hives, finisher hives, graft larva, drop queen cells, start new mating nuc boxes, start duplexes and much more
    Small class size

    Required materials:
    Gloves and suit

    Recommended materials:
    Basic beekeeping knowledge

    April 15, 2023 1pm-5pm

    Leave with a queen raising kit! This includes the following:
    Mini mating nuc
    Grafting tool

    $100 per person