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Advanced Beekeeping School

  • Address:
  • 1753 EBENEZER RD, SMYRNA, SC 29743
  • Phone:
  • (704) 993-6833
  • about

    This school is meant for beekeepers who would like to learn advanced beekeeping skills.
    This is a hands-on-course and there will be times where the instructor will be asking the student to perform certain actions to better the student's understanding.
    The entire class time will be spent in the hives (must bring your suits, please bring full suits if you have them, bring your questions!)
    Classes are taught by certified, experienced, and commercial beekeepers
    Very small class size
    Class will be tailored to students needs - a questionnaire will be sent out ahead of time

    Subjects included:
    Growing numbers/Splitting hives
    Selling/building nucs, packages, hives
    Monetizing your apiary
    Various treatment methods
    Queen Grafting (setting up starter and finisher hives from scratch)
    Raising queens
    Sooo soo much more.

    Must be a certified beekeeper or must have had bees more than 2 years

    Saturday April 29, 2023 (2pm-7pm)

    Opportunity to volunteer and work bees with us at later dates!
    All classes are free for entire year

    $150 per person