Like most people, I am always in search of a new adventure close to home that will grab those likes on Instagram, without much effort.

Look no further, I’ve found it. Goga or Goat Yoga as it’s known. (Still working on making Goga a thing).

We have not 1, but 2 farms in York County that have regular goat yoga sessions.

Critter Creek has their traveling Goat Yoga Brigade that goes across the county. You can find them most Sundays at the White Home in Historic Rock Hill. What better way to chill out in Old Town than in downward dog with a goat. Click here to follow their Facebook page events.

If you’re wanting a true farm experience, head to Sharon Hill Farm. Yes, it is a little bit of a haul from the Rock Hill area, but it’s so worth it. Goat Yoga in a barn (clean barn we might add) gives you that peace of mind you’ve been searching for. Sharon Hill Farm is holding their first fall Goat Yoga this Saturday and then again on select weekends through the fall. Make sure you follow their Facebook page for dates!

Happy Goga-ing! (Goga WILL become a thing).