Did you miss the 2016 SC Foosball Championships?

In case you missed this year’s Foosball Championships in Rock Hill, SC, we’ve got the outcome right here for you. For the third consecutive year, Bonzini U.S. A. has returned to York County, SC to host its South Carolina State Foosball Championships.  It was a three-day event, held February 19 – 21. Athletes from around the state and nearby states came together on Saturday, February 20 to compete head-to-head in the 2016 South Carolina State Foosball Championships. There were 58 registered players representing the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. The championships were held at Revolutions, a local bowling, bar and grille. Revolutions is located off of Dave Lyle Boulevard inside the Rock Hill Galleria Mall.

The South Carolina State Foosball Championship brought out a large crowd of sports fanatics. The atmosphere was full of energy and passion for the sport. The feeling of being in the moment with the players was exciting for the many spectators. The foosball tables were unguarded during play so that spectators could walk up and experience the adrenaline and excitement that the players felt. The intensity of the game is incomparable to others. The South Carolina Foosball Players Association was also proud to have a few state champions return to compete again this year.

The Foosball Championships raised $1,400 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of York County this year. The Boys & Girls Clubs were honored to be the beneficiary of the event and expressed great appreciation to the Bonzini organization for the support and hard work that goes into the planning and execution of the fundraiser.

If you’ve never been to Revolutions in Rock Hill, grab the fam and get out there soon. Revolutions contains a full service restaurant, a sports amphitheater, high energy bar, live entertainment, arcade, and laser tag. “Revolutions is the hottest gathering place for the crowd that works hard to play hard,” said Jenny Russell, sales manager. You can find out more about Revolutions by visiting their website http://rockhill.revolutionsbowl.com or following them on Twitter @RevolutionsCP.

To see final results of the 2016 South Carolina State Foosball Championship, click here. You can also visit the Bonzini web page for more information.

“Made us feel like we were right at home.”


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